The 10 Best Cheap Kitchen Sinks Under $200 of 2020

How many times have you had to wash the dishes? Surely you remember with nostalgia those days of your childhood when you helped your parents in this task. It is possible that your task was to dry the dishes, while you talked about how the day had gone. Moments like this are probably behind us, but having a good sink is still important.

Although dishwashers are increasingly present in homes, they are still hand-scrubbed. There are even those who do not want to have such appliances for different reasons. Not forgetting that a sink is used for washing fruits, vegetables and other foods. Do you want to find the best cheap kitchen sinks? So, pay attention to this guide that we have prepared for you.

The most important

  • It is necessary that you acquire a suitable plate for the design of your kitchen and that meets your needs. So don’t be swayed by an attractive design.
  • It is not the same to buy a pool together with the rest of the kitchen than to change the one you already have. Along the following lines you will find options for these two cases.
  • Want to know why it’s better than the dishwasher not have right angles? What is the best size or number of buckets you need? So, don’t miss our “Purchase Criteria” section, because there you will find the answer to this and other questions.

Shopping guide: What you need to know about a sink

The design of the kitchens should be as careful as that of the rest of the home. It is very important to create a functional space, but without neglecting aesthetics. An attractive sink can be key to achieving this. In fact, there are models that can become the center of the room. In the following lines you will discover which one best meets your needs.

What shapes can sinks have?

The first thing is that you determine the shape that your sink should have, it is clear that it will depend on the needs of your kitchen. Having a large space is not the same as having a smaller one. In addition, the countertops have different shapes and not all models will be valid. For all these reasons, pay attention to the following table.

Sink typeIts advantagesIts disadvantages
SquareThey adapt to the smallest spaces.They do not usually have a large size.
RectangularThey are the most spacious.You need to have a good size counter.
RoundThey clean very well and are suitable for small kitchens.Its dimensions are quite limited.
CornerThey help you optimize the space in your kitchen.They are not always comfortable.
With drainerAllow to drain what you wash by hand.They are not suitable if you have a small worktop.
Two breastsThey are very comfortable and give you more options for use.They take up more space.

Is a sink with one or two sinks better?

Obviously, it is always better to have a two-bowl sink. It allows you to have an extra space that you can use in different ways. But if you have a countertop with a reduced size, it is better that you opt for a single-bowl model. An intermediate option is the sinks of half and a half, that is, one bigger and one smaller.

What materials can sinks be made of?

The material from which the sink is made is key to determining its performance. In the market you will find different options, it is good that you know which are the main ones. In this table we show you the most common and their most outstanding characteristics, the most favorable and those that are not so much.

Sink typeIn favorAgainst
Stainless steelIt is a very resistant material and is easy to clean.The lime affects him a lot and he scratches easily.
GraniteIt withstands heat, bumps and scratches very well. Its cleaning is simple.Its price is higher.
StoneIt has a very attractive appearance and withstands heat, shocks and scratches very well.It is a bit expensive.
CeramicsIts aesthetic is ideal for a rustic kitchen.It is very delicate, easily stained and is a very old-fashioned material.
ResinThey are very soft and there is a wide range of colors and subtypes, such as composite.It is quite strong, but not as strong as stainless steel.
CrystalIt is very hygienic and scratch resistant. It is ideal for medical consultations.In the domestic sphere it is not highly recommended for its delicacy.

Where to put the sink in a new kitchen?

If you are going to reform the kitchen you can choose where to place the sink. Experts recommend creating an imaginary triangle with the cooking, storage, and sink areas. It is known as a working triangle. We show you in the following list the best distribution, which will depend on the design of your kitchen. If possible, place the sink under a window.

  • Cooking online. This distribution is usually found in small kitchens. We recommend that you place the sink between the refrigerator and the stove.
  • Kitchen in parallel. On one side place the sink and fires and on the other the storage area. Check that the oven and dishwasher doors are not facing the refrigerator.
  • Kitchen in L. Place one of the elements in the narrowest part and the other two in the other. Try not to make the triangle they have very long sides to reduce displacement.
  • U-shaped kitchen. In this case, we recommend that you place each of the areas on one of the three walls. Always at a distance that allows working comfortably.
  • Kitchen with island. Leave at least one meter free around the island to facilitate movement. Place the cooking area on the island and, if you have space, also the water area. Otherwise, place it on the wall behind you along with the fridge.

What happens if you are only going to change the sink?

If you are just going to change the sink, the new one will have to be similar in shape and size to the old one. Think that most models have a number of conditions relating to their installation. For example, the furniture underneath, the drain or the tap. In this case the options will be more limited and it is best to consult the manufacturer.

What three types of installation can a sink have?

It is obvious when you enter different kitchens, or in specialized stores, that sinks have various types of installation. When you choose a specific model, you should check that it is compatible with the design of your kitchen. In order to do this, it is important that you know the options that you have at your disposal:

  • On countertop or built-in. A hole is made in the counter and the edge of the sink is placed on it. It is joined using silicone or a similar product. You must take into account that the joints accumulate dirt, so you have to be consistent with cleaning. They are recommended for wooden or laminate countertops, as they insulate better from moisture.
  • Under counter. It is placed under the counter and is attached to it by means of screws. Its cleaning is easier, since it does not have joints as in the previous case. It is widely used in stone or granite countertops. It is best to avoid this kind of installation if the worktop is made of wood or laminate, as you may have problems with humidity.
  • Integrated. It is the most aesthetic installation of the three, since it gives a feeling of continuity to the worktop. The drawback is that it is manufactured at the same time as the worktop and is only valid for some materials. Also, the final price is higher than the other options.

How to clean the sink?

Cleaning the sink every day will prevent it from losing its shine. We recommend that you always use products that are suitable for the material from which it is made. Never use aggressive cleaners or scouring pads that can scratch your surface. We suggest that you use a neutral soap and a soft cloth. If you then dry it well, it will be perfect.

Cleaning the sink every day will prevent it from losing its shine.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of sinks?

Buying a sink is a decision you need to consider. Surely you already have enough clues to find the most suitable model. However, not all the work is done, you will still have to assess other important aspects. Like any product, this one also has its advantages and disadvantages, we invite you to get to know them before finishing this guide.


They are essential in any kitchen
Its use is very simple
You will find a model for each kitchen


They need assembly
You have to be careful with cleaning

Purchase criteria

Sure you can not wait to see your kitchen complete, but we recommend that you do it a few more minutes. Just the time it will take you to know some last aspects that you must take into account when making your purchase. It is about those key questions that you cannot ignore to get it right. Afterwards, you will only have to make your final decision.

  • Right angles
  • Size
  • Number of breasts
  • Accessories
  • Use

Right angles

Try that the sink does not have right angles, since they make cleaning difficult. They are usually found in some models with a modern design. Instead, the rounded shapes greatly facilitate this task. It is not necessary to have a round breast, there are square and rectangular models that have this type of shape.

If you are just going to change the sink, the new one will have to be similar in shape and size to the old one.


The size of your kitchen, especially your countertop, can limit the dimensions of your sink. But if possible, go for a model that is deep and at least 60 cm wide. The reason is very simple: it will allow you to wash large utensils. In a small model, cleaning an express pot can become a real feat, do not forget.

Number of breasts

Space may be your biggest limit, but if not, opt for two-bowl sinks. It is better than a model with a single breast and a drainer. We say this because the second breast can be used to dry the clean kitchenware. Of course, try that one of the two has a good size for what was discussed in the previous criterion.


Sometimes sinks come with a number of accessories that can come in handy when working in your kitchen. They help you simplify its use and also make your life easier. Next, we review the most common. By the way, if the chosen model does not include them, some can be purchased separately.

  • Draining basket. It is used to wash different foods and then drain them easily.
  • Bucket for scouring pad. It serves to keep scouring pads and cloths in order.
  • Anti-splash background. It is placed at the base of the sink so that water does not splash. In addition, it prevents the bottom from being scratched or the kitchenware from breaking as easily if it runs off while scrubbing.
  • Integrated soap dispenser. It allows you to always have the soap at hand and not have the water area messed up.
  • Paper bin. It is a tank with a lid in which to throw small waste. It serves so that you do not have to travel as many times to the garbage can while you cook.


Be aware of how you will use the sink. Having a dishwasher is not the same as having to use it to scrub all the china. In the latter case, it will have to be very resistant. Stainless steel is a great option, it supports continuous use very well and there are quite inexpensive models. If you want to invest something more, graphite is a great idea.


How eager to see your kitchen finished! Thanks to the information in this guide, you can acquire one of its most important elements. It doesn’t matter if you have a dishwasher or not, a sink is essential in this type of room. Of course, depending on the use you give it, you will choose one model or another. You may even decide to invest more or less money.

Now you know that the sinks are not only stainless steel, there are also other very attractive materials. The shape and size will depend on your needs, but above all on the space available in your kitchen. You have discovered a series of accessories that can be interesting and that will make your job easier. It only remains for you to make your decision.

Would you like your family and friends to benefit from all the information we have analyzed? So, share this guide through your social media, but before you leave, leave us a comment.

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