Top 10 Best cheap folding tables Under $25 Of 2020 – Reviews

Having a good folding table has made my life much easier on numerous occasions. Not only are they very comfortable and sturdy, but the best folding table is also super convenient and portable. So much so, that I have used them for things as varied as simply using my computer or eating while watching TV, even going camping with friends.

However, to be honest, getting the best one is not easy. We had to go through many models before finding the right one.

The choice of furniture in your house will affect its decoration, so if you are thinking of varying elements to give it greater visibility, but above all comfort, the best folding table will help to better distribute the space.

The price of folding tables usually varies according to the brand and good quality of its manufacturing materials, but you can rest assured that most of them are durable and useful products. So, considering all the things, we’ve listed the best quality and cheap folding tables that save your money and give the best service.

What is a folding table?

A folding table is a type of furniture that has legs that can be folded and unfolded against its own top.

In this way, you save space and you can even move them from the kitchen to the dining room, or even take them camping because they are super comfortable and portable. In fact, they are designed for this purpose, which is why they are made with very light and resistant materials.

You can also use them with folding chairs to go even more comfortable.

Folding mechanism

This type of furniture can bend its legs thanks to the system of hinges located at the points where the legs meet the stop. That said, the legs are super well adjusted to the table and always remain attached to it. Something important is that this area of ​​the fold usually uses hard materials such as metal, only they can be somewhat heavy, making the table less convenient.

Therefore, many manufacturers of high-quality chairs make them with aluminum parts to preserve the hardness of the folding table, but without preventing it from remaining light.

Anatomy of a folding table

It is important to know the parts of our new folding table before buying. Only then will we really know what aspects to look at and what we should look for in each model when choosing.

Surface or board

It is the top of the table, which is located on the frame and legs. It can be made of wood, plastic, laminates or melamine.

Edge protectors

Tables are usually fitted with edge protectors to prevent damage from knocks, scratches, dirt or dents. They can be made of vinyl or resin and always give your new folding table a fairly clean and professional finish.

Folding table closing mechanism

They are the systems used to make the legs easily fold and unfold. They are connected to the legs and are under the table of the table, giving stability and security to the appliance.

Once you’re done using the table, simply fold the legs and secure them to the latch.


It is a thick piece of metal that is placed just below the surface to distribute weight properly and reinforce the entire system.


They are additional supports attached to the legs to provide additional durability.

Frame and legs

This refers to the entire support system that the table has and that, depending on the material, can give stability, security and light weight, in the case of aluminum or that can end up being a little heavy and uncomfortable when used very heavy metals.

Leg protectors

They are plastic or rubber parts that adhere to the foot of the table and protect the floor from scratches, since most of the time, the legs of a folding table are usually made of metal. They also provide stability and grip by preventing the legs from slipping on the floor and avoiding annoying noises when dragging the table.

Choose a folding table

When it comes to buying a folding table, there is much more to look for than a basic structure with a flat surface, four legs, and the ability to fold it.

With so many table styles and options on the market, confusion sometimes unfolds faster than tables. Therefore, we have narrowed down some of the main features to consider to help you choose the perfect folding table for your needs.

Weather resistance:

The first thing to consider is how often you plan to use the table. Are you planning to use it indoors, outdoors or both? Folding tables are most often used when additional seating or a temporary work surface is needed.

Using one is not usually “planned,” so it’s important to look at protecting a table from weathering and water damage.

Galvanized or powder coated metal will prevent rusting when left outdoors.

Seek protection on any wooden surface, water (or moisture) can often produce adherent layers and cause deformation. This is the reason why some are made with a solid plastic lid.


Not everyone can lift 50-60 pounds, and not everyone has a truck to carry 6-foot or 8-foot tables.

Consider the weight of the table, and some design features like a carry handle or the ability to fold it in half. A foldable design makes it easy to put various objects in the trunk of a car.

The weight of a table will depend largely on its construction material. Pick up the table before buying it, and think about taking it in and out of your home or office. Do you need to do a lot of strength?


Think about what you want to use the table for, and see the bearable weight rating.

Two things to consider on blow molded plastic tables are the type of plastic. The type of plastic should be a heavy, high-impact plastic that will not crack, fall apart, or peel off.

You should also feel the surface of the table. If it’s chalky and creates a white residue on your finger, the manufacturer may have used too many additives (like calcium) on the plastic to cut the cost.

While calcium and other minerals make the table stiffer, when a manufacturer adds too much, it can make the table surface brittle and prone to cracking.

Also look for dent-resistant corners as folding tables tend to fall off easily when transported and installed.


Probably the most overlooked features are security. The last thing you need is for your table to collapse while you’re using it!

Find a secure locking mechanism for the table legs. We recommend a “gravity” locking ring – a ring that slides down the table leg frame (with natural gravity – so you don’t have to slide it), and locks the legs in place.

This will prevent the table legs from bending when struck.

If the table folds in half, look for a mechanism that locks the table when it is assembled.

This will keep the table flat while you’re working on it, so it won’t start to bend in the center when hit.

Folding table types

There are tables for TV, also called a personal table, which is used to watch TV, eat or work on a small project. They are generally individual. There are also rectangular ones where each table is folded separately, ideal for playing cards.

Moreover, there are for general use or for banquets. The former can be rectangular, square, or round, and the latter are quite spacious, with surfaces that fold down for easy portability.

Finally, there are others for picnics that have benches on opposite sides, or that even fold to take a bench shape.

Options of using a folding table

In most modern homes today, space is an absolute premium. That means that anything that can offer great utility without taking up too much space is a true blessing.

A folding table fits that bill perfectly, and the following are ten innovative ways such a table could be used to make your life easier and better.

  • At family meals: Homes that are limited in space often tend to dispense with a dining table as they simply take up too much space.

However, a folding table can be stowed away when not in use and can then be quickly installed when required.

This means that the rewarding practice of a family meal, in which all family members sit together, can be reintroduced into any home.

  • Playing at the table or card games: Ideal for Christmas or any other special occasion, a folding table can also be used as a surface to play a favorite board or card game.
  • For Sales: Able to help save space in your home in more ways than one, a folding table also makes it very simple to hold a garage sale and get rid of clutter.

Easy to slide into your car when folded, the table can be quickly set up at the garage sale location and allows you to attractively display your wares to potential buyers.

  • Create a home office: Many people like to work from home, but often do not have a suitable workspace to be efficient.

A folding table, however, you can use as a desk for a laptop, paperwork, and anything else that may be necessary.

  • Providing Gift Space – A great finishing touch to make any child’s birthday party a little more special. Allow each and every guest to take their treats or put gifts for the birthday boy or girl in one place.
  • Add some amenities to a camping trip: The best camping trips are those that combine the outdoors with home comforts.

A folding table, for example, can be easily taken and allows campers to eat their meals comfortably, rather than having to balance dishes in their hands or sit on the ground.

At a party: Whether it’s a royal wedding, informal, or another similarly special occasion, larger celebrations tend to take up a lot of space.

Open your own bar: If you’re having a party at home and you really want to impress your guests and have their say on how good a bar you are, a folding table is a great idea to provide some liquor for them when they arrive.

A fun and engaging way to do this is to set up your own bar by placing your available drinks on a table near where your friends and loved ones will arrive.

Better equip your barbecue: When your friends and family huddle around a summer barbecue, a folding table can be invaluable when installed in the garden. You can also use it in the kitchen to place snacks, sweets or drinks within reach of children.

Make a makeshift ironing board: If you are tight on space and can’t have a dining table and ironing board, a folding table can be a great solution.

Just check that the surface is resistant to high temperatures and has a height-adjustable option.

How can you choose between rectangular and round folding tables?

Rectangular tables are available in lengths ranging from 2 ½ ‘to 8’; and width from 1 ½ ‘to 3’.

A typical round table ranges from 24 “to 72” in diameter; 60 “, is the most common measure and can accommodate seats from six to eight people comfortably depending on the type of chair.

Measure your installation and determine how many people you want to occupy it.

Rectangular tables are often used for multipurpose needs like community events, food service, dining and training, while round tables are most often used for banquets, weddings, or other formal dining occasions.

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