Top 10 Best Cheap Office Chairs 2020 – Reviews

The office chair is a basic key to optimize productivity at work. Choosing the best office chair is just as important as choosing a good mattress when we think about our rest. And it is that the time we spend sitting in the office chair (8-10 hours a day) is usually greater than the time we spend sleeping (5-8 hours a day). So, having a good quality office chair is very important for our office.

We collected and tested on various branded office chair to express the best review of office chair. We also shorted them based on lower price with the best quality. So, lets have a look on the best cheap office chairs for your office.

Why trust us?

The Selectos writing team dedicates thousands of hours to their searches in order to analyze and compare products, to choose those that offer the best quality / price ratio.

We have no sponsored items. Sometimes we receive commissions when you buy a product from our links, which allows us to finance our work. And of course we are totally impartial.

How have we made the selection?

Since you will surely spend hours and hours every day sitting in the office, it is essential to choose a model that suits your needs, demands and morphology. This will avoid back problems linked to poor posture.

In order to help you make a decision before purchase, here are several criteria that should be taken into account:

  • Height adjustment: all desks are not the same. So make sure the seat height adjustment is right for your desk and your leg length. Nowadays, most often, such adjustment is made by means of a lever that activates a gas or hydraulic cylinder, which allows you to gently adjust the position.
  • Seat and backrest inclination : the main ones are: simple rocking (simple backrest inclination backwards); permanent back / back contact (designed for the back to follow the movements of your back); synchronous (simultaneous tilting of the seat forward and backward); double (both the backrest and the seat can be adjusted independently); and three-dimensional inclination (allows the accompaniment of your body in all its movements).
  • The adjustment of the headrests: these offer support to the arms, allowing the shoulders to rest. You could also opt for an adjustable armrest, at least in height, that allows a better adaptation to its morphology. You can even find the so-called “3D” armrests (height adjustable, forwards or backward and on a radial axis), but most of all, they are the “4D”, which even allow you to adjust the width. It is very popular with gamers.

There are also a number of important criteria to consider before purchasing:

Manageability: Like vertical work desks that allow you to change your position during the day, your chair, in addition to being adjustable, should be easy. It is essential to check the mechanisms and how to use them, so as not to have a bad surprise.

The size: it is essential to choose a model adapted to your size. In fact, the size of the backrest has a direct influence on your back and neck problems, and if you go for a too-large model, it can have negative effects on both. Check the width of the seat as well as the maximum weight allowed.

The materials: if solidity and material quality are important, the coating is more important. Cloth (or mesh) chairs are usually softer, but get dirty faster due to use. Leather ones are easier to maintain, and are often considered more comfortable. However, I do not recommend it to everyone (a leather chair in a poorly ventilated room during the summer heat …).

In summary, as you may have understood, there is no perfect chair, only adapted to your personal needs and tastes. However, special attention should always be paid to the management of respiration, the quality of the filling (so that it does not sink too quickly) and the seams.

After having examined all these criteria together with the opinions and criticism of users and experts in some of the reference websites in the matter, here is our selection of the 4 best office chairs.

The best cheap office chairs

It is very difficult to find the best chairs on the market for little price. Normally, the materials will be of low quality, and the options and comfort limited.

However, we have managed to find few models that offer a lot of adjustment options for ergonomics that, although not optimal, are not badly worked.

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